Christian Poetry

The Lion and The Lamb

by Georgina Smith


Welcome to my web site.

This site is aimed at 'The bruised reed and the smouldering wick'.

It is not flashy, musical or full of links, it contains only poems which were written out of much pain.

This site has one purpose only, to comfort and uplift others.

Feel free to copy them for your own use or to pass on to others in need.

I only ask that you contact me first before reproducing them on other sites or in publications.

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God bless


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Never Forget

Three Nails

My Children

Happy New Year

No words are needed




Happiest year

Happy New Year

Run Life's race

Flames of beauty

 As You Carry Me


Loyal friend

Fight till you win

Animal Heroes

 Wear it with pride

 When I was young part 5

 Gone too soon


What is Christmas all about

 Christmas Cheer

 The Naughty Elf

Awsome Storm

My Sister


 Better than gold



 My poppy is red

 When I was young part 4

I can smile

 I  Remember

 Ode to Dan

 The Ark

Tea Break


 My Goal


Red, black and green


Silver surfer

 Keep Calm


 The Whisperer

 The Empty House (story)

 The Good Old Days (story)

Easter or  




A Prayer

 The Garden Visitor

 The Promise

 The Lie behind the Smile

 The Storm

Here I am

 Power of prayer

The Lord answers prayer

 When I was young

 It's not about a bunny

 A Nations Tears

 Morning Treasure


Where is God when it hurts?

My Daughter

Rain Tears

You Are

 The Candy Cane


The Pilot Light

The Lord is There

The Poppy

Mother Who?

 The Diamond

Victim or Victory

The song of Life (2)



A Letter

The song of Life

As you carry me

 You are Lord of all

In my darkest hour.

Who am I


It Was Love

Peace Again


You Are There

There are Times


The Lamb


Little Bird


Ephesians 6v10

John 16v33


Roaring Lion






The Voice

Get Well Recipe

Fragrant Prayer

Powerful Prayer

Eagles Wings

The Bruised Reed

Mountain climbing




Devil's bad day

Indispensible Child

The Foot of Calvary

Reflected Perfection

My Love's Enough

The Lion and the Lamb

Reflected Perfection

The Foot of Calvary

Indispensible Child

Reflected Beauty

Montana song

How Much do I love Thee?

The Lion and the Lamb


You Were There

A Poppy Red.

 I Stand in Awe

Sunday Christian

Remember Why?


How much do I love thee?

 Holy Week




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Last updated July 2019


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Christian poetry


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I only have an email option at the moment

and I am greatly encouraged when people tell me how they have used these poems

in their own lives as well as others.

Please contact me if you have used them.


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God bless.

Jesus saves