Mother Who?


Mother nature - who is she?

Did she make the might tree?

Did she make the mountain high?

The moon, the rain, the cloudy sky.

Did she walk through meadows green,

Or scatter the stars in the night sky scene?

Did she fashion the bee on the wing,

Or give the birds the song they sing?

Did she scoop out the valley low,

Or attribute to flowers the colours on show?

As unique snowflakes cover the land

Were they made by mother natureís hand?


Mother nature was not there

When God made water, land and air.

She did not see when He formed the world

Or when thru the universe suns He hurled

She was nowhere in sight when God made man.

She had no part in creations plan.

So donít thank mother nature for all her ways.

Give God the glory and give Him the praise

Through winter, spring, summer or fall

Itís Jehovah-Jireh who provides for all.

Genesis 1v31


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Georgina Smith

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