Oh Abba Father be their strength,

Their comfort and their guide,

And when they feel that no one cares,

Be right there at their side.

Let them feel Your tender touch,

Because I know You care,

When absent friends are busy Lord,

You are always there.


Let Your tenderness break through

The weariness and pain,

And let them sleep a restful sleep

And feel refreshed again.

May they know that loving arms

Surround them every day

And people they may never meet

Think of them when they pray.

May they feel Your peace and love

Fill every empty part,

So loneliness and despair

Will never take their heart.


Give strength to those who tend them

And patience in their care,

And when the burden and the need

Is great - may friends be there.

Give wisdom to the doctors

So we can find a way

For your child to be well again.

All this, oh Lord, I pray.


Revelation ch21v3/4.

Georgina Smith

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