Beloved child, here from my throne
I feel your pain and tears.
And through these trials and sufferings
I'll calm your nagging fears.
Under my wing I'll shelter you,
Upon a rock you'll stand.
My wings will carry all the weight,
Your life is in my hands.
I know your heart.
I know your soul.
Only I can make you whole.

Psalm 91.Isaiah 40v28-31.

Beloved child, know my love,
I know the plans I've made.
My spirit will renew your strength.
Your debt, in full, is paid.
Lean on me, that's why I'm here,
Standing at your side.
Don't you know my love breaks through
To lift you up and guide.
I know your hurt.
I know your tears.
Only I can calm the fears.

Jeremiah 29v11.

Beloved child, know my peace.
The time has come, be still.
Blessings I will pour on you
If you do my will.
My armour will protect your faith,
My word will be your guide.
My people will uphold you,
And will be there by your side.
I know your needs.
I heed your call,
Beloved child, I'll meet them all.

Psalm 34.

for the bruised reed

Georgina Smith

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