By His wounds

He Left His throne, the king of heaven
To be made man, to live and die.
The Lamb of God, the sacrifice for sin
He was led forth to the hill of pain

They drove the nails into His hands and feet
And raised Him high above the crowds
Jesus was crushed for our iniquities
And all our sin was laid on Him

And by His wounds we were healed, that day

We all like sheep have gone astray
Stubborn and proud we turn away
The crowds that day cried crucify Him
The king of the Jews with a thorny crown
He felt the weight of all our sin
He felt the loneliness that it brings
And He cried 'Why, why have You forsaken me'
And as He died, all creation cried

See the darkness come
Feel the whole earth move
Hear the curtain torn in two
All creation trembled
All creation cried
The day the Son of God died

The Lamb of God paid the price,
The ultimate sacrifice
They put Him in a tomb
Thinking it was the end
But God's plan was fulfilled,
And we know Jesus lives
No grave could hold Him
He is the King of kings
He is the Lord of lords
Seated on His throne in heaven
By His wounds we were healed
On Calvary

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Georgina Smith

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