Below are comments that I have received by email about my site.

Thank you for your encouragement.


The devils bad day. Read this last night was drawn to the web site by the mention of the Lion & the Lamb at a worship central meeting and going on line found your web site the poetry intrigued me. I was compelled to write out The Devils Bad Day in my notebook of things to keep and then this morning it completely summed up the sermon to the extent that I almost walked to the pulpit to read it out, but I’m not that brave so I shared it with the Lay ministers who were taking the service after and they both asked me to send them a copy. Thank you for your wonderful words Beryl

 Hello there, How are you? Just wanted to say that I love your website and how easy it is to use. I write to various Christian friends and like to add poems to my letters. Yours are fantastic and get lots of wonderful comments. So thank you for sharing the gift that God has clearly given you. Hope you are okay. God bless you and your ministry, In His love Sharon xx

 Diamond. I read this at a care home I go into and they really  appreciated it. My wife sent it to a friend who was about to go into hospital for an operation and it really uplifted her. I am hoping to read some more of your poems at the care home soon. Lots of love in JESUS. K. Pratt

 I would like to ask if I can use you poem in our newsletter in November that we send to our supporters.   We are a charity for disabled ex-servicemen. Kind regards Juliet

 I was wanting to ask for your permission to use a few of your poems on some artwork I am currently doing.  Many thanks Jo xx

 I wonder if you could help me with the following request please. Presbyterian Women (PW) is an organisation for women within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI).  Most congregations in the Church have a group with a membership of over 13,000 within around 500 groups.  These groups are envisaged as women’s fellowships in which women are encouraged to become and grow as disciples of Christ. PW Mission Statement: Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of ChristPW Motto: Living for JesusLogo: (see below) – the circle around the Cross represents women whose lives are centred on the Lord Jesus Christ . To help equip the groups, a Resource Pack is produced annually relating to the theme for that year.  Our theme for 2016-17 is “This is the Day”.  We would like copyright permission if possible please to include your poems called OBEDIENCE and SUNDAY CHRISTIAN. 500 copies of the Resource pack will be available to PW Groups.   The Resource Pack normally consists of around 40-50 pages.  It includes Bible passages, programme ideas, opening devotions, music resources, poetry resources, craft ideas etc all related to the theme. The pack is sold to each PW group at a small cost of £5.00. Any surplus made, after production costs, goes into the PW Mission Fund.  Rose

 Hello Gergina,my name is Gustavo Benavides and I`m songwriter from Argentina, I liked your poems ``Will pray``,``Peace again`` and``The diamond```I`ll try to make songs with them if you allow me to,if you want me to send you a Cd of my music in spanish just let me know your adress.Well,that`s all,God bless you and I`ll wait for your answer.Gustavo Benavides from Argentina.

 Would it be possible for us to use some of your poetry in our broadcasts? Bests wishes Andy Breakout Radio

 A LETTER TO A CHURCH Hi Georgina, Thanks for your heartfelt poem. Many of us have felt this way. It shouldn't be like that, but often because people are still human, it happens. God is touching our hearts and teaching us to be more sensitive and caring, compassionate and loving to one another. If we can't do that, how can we reach the world? We are still growing and changing as God is transforming us into His image. When I lost my husband 2 years ago, the Lord started a new work in me, making me more caring, and now I'm truly feeling the hurts and pain of others as the Holy Spirit makes me aware. As we begin to reach out, others reach out to us. Thanks for sharing a good message...God Bless you...Chris Christine Hare

 A LETTER TO A CHURCH  Georgina, you spilled it out perfectly on how shallow we as Christians can be - saying the "niceties" but not really meaning it - not really 'following through'. i wonder what Jesus would say if HE stood in your shoes while all these empty words floated by. This is an exceptional poem Georgina and EVERY Christian should read it. Thank you for sharing it to us all. Each of us should be more understanding, mindful and more loving toward others. i'm reminded of one of my poems, "Walk the Talk" as we need to do more than 'talk' - we need to WALK it. louis gander

Sunday Christian Amen. Great poem and message. God wants EVERYDAY Christians. God bless and God's best.  Gene Minix

United Differences Very nice poem Georgina. Christians SHOULD be loving but often times are not. (i know because of 3 church splits). Have a great week! louis gander

Sunday Christian Very true. So many just go to church on Sundays and live like the devil during the week. i know, i was a blue collar worker for many years who saw it daily. Nice poem! louis gan

A LETTER TO A CHURCH My poem "Love In Action" which you will find on my page was written after seeing something much the same. I too have felt lonely and uncared for in churchs in the past but the other side of the coin I have been ,and am at the moment ,in a church where love and care flows freely.God Bless you and Happy Birthday. By the way I now live in Yorkshire after 66yrs in Bucks and find people here more open and friendly. DOREEN HIGGS

Your poem It Was Love You and I must think along the same lines as my poem "Not the Nails" expresses the same thing. When we think Jesus went willingly to the cross because of His great love for us. It was not the nails that held Him my saviour to that tree,but Love it was that held Him there His love for you and me. It is wonderful and awe inspiring when we think about it. God Bless,Doreen. DOREEN HIGGS

EPHESIANS 6v10-17 Many years ago a christian friend said something to me I have never forgotten. It was " When the devil reminds you of your past,remind him of his future" Thank you for another great poem. Doreen. DOREEN HIGGS

Beloved Child Thank you Georgina for these words of comfort,badly needed at the moment. Doreen. DOREEN HIGGS

 The Voice I have suffered from depression in the past and have held on to my faith by my finger tips,God has never let me down and when I reached breaking point ,He was there to pick me up and put me together again. Yes it is sad when some of the bad voices come from people we thought were christians,we have to listen,as you say to the one voice,that of our Lord. God Bless, Doreen. DOREEN HIGGS

Sunday Christian Great poem. I also often wonder why the church is full at Christmas and Easter with poeple you never see the rest of the year. When I said about it to a pastor once he said that even if folk only came twice a year that was twice a year they were open to hear the gospel and only God knew what effect that could have on their lives. Love,Doreen. DOREEN  

I listened to "Where is Love" and Eagle's Wings" on youtube, and I love your voice and the arrangements!  Bravo, a tribute to the Lord and a beautiful gift to share and spread God's message of love and salvation. May the Lord use your lovely voice for His honor and glory to reach many people. God Bless you... Chris

I love your poems on the website. They are indeed moving. Thank you! I will be putting "A letter to a church" in our bulletin this week-with the website address and identifying you as the author. Blessings Collette G

 I visited your website and like the content and layout. My wife and myself are Christians and we attend the West Auckland Community Church. We have a small new but growing website about West Auckland and general writings of interest and any healthy subject. We would like to add a page of Christian Poetry, and would like to put about half a dozen of your poems with an accreditation and a link to your website. Even better would be if you could choose your favourite poems for us to include.  Our website is Whilst reading your site I noticed that the poems on IVANS POEMS page did not come up on internet explorer. Hope to hear from God Bless Michael and Colleen

Thank you for making available to us all your expressions of love to our Savior. May your poem, Peace Again, be used in our Church news letter, The Harbor Herald? Thank your for considering this request. May God bless. Phillip Shroyer

God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  I found your wonderful song on You Tube and I wanted to encourage you to do more. You have several songs on your site that would go great on the Tube and send out a great message. Yes, you will get lots of nasty remarks from those who do not know the Lord yet (I used to be just like them) but you will also reach a lot of hearts.  Maybe you could read some of your poems too. A little soft background music and well chosen images could help. Even open your own YouTube channel if you have not already. Thank you sister for this lovely song. I have passed it to a friend to place a link on his site. I hope that is OK?  God bless you.  George Rolph

I have just found your website and thank the Lord for it. I am Chairing a evening service on sunday 4th Jan 09 and would like to read out one of your poems. Sunday Christian. It reminds me of a phrase coined by a german preacher who called some people Submarine Christians, who would surface on a sunday, being holy all day only to submerge during the following week. Yours in Him  Bob Anderson

Georgina, you like myself have suffered much in this life, but when it is all over it will be worth the pain. You are so right regarding the devils tactics and his lies.
It is just to discourage the people of God to get them to give in.  But in JESUS name we have the victory. Be encoraged my sister, GOD will see His people through.
myself and another individual is in the process of putting together an inspirational chrisitian magazine called embracing the rain ( and I was wondering if you would like to submit some of your work to our web site. debbie


I would like to use your poems occasionally for our free Church magazine which is issued monthly with the exception of two breaks in July and January.  I am delighted to find real Christian poems which rhyme!   John Thomson 

Hoping to read your poems:

You Are There and

Letter To A Church

on my radio programme at Radio Rhema in new Zealand.

Hope that's okay with you. Will credit you as the authour obviously


from the desk of
Keith Newman
Ministry of Words Ltd
Freelance journalism & content creation


My name is Bobbie Lindberg, my husband and I do our church bulletin and would like very mush if we could use some of your poems in them once in a while.

 Thank you very much for your time, Bobbie Lindberg


God led to your website, but we both know God leads us where there is no secular explanation. Your poetry has touched my heart and I ask your permission to share some of it with other Christians in both class and Christian e-mail groups. Thanks for being an Angel of God, and may the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and your family. Victor M. Luna

Thank you so much for your poem. God told me to type into the search engine the word 'Beloved' and I found your website and your poem. The Holy Spirit brought the word to my mind. I shall keep the poem in my room. Thank you so much. Divinia.

I love your website. God is really using you in an awesome way. Stay obedient and faithful to Him. May you continue to experience the peace of God in your life. Laboring in love, Cassandra

my mother recently died of cancer and i was looking for a poem to use for her funeral i found your website and was glad to find a comforting verse that said everything i could'nt thank you and god bless.Raymond Lett

Just wanted to take this time and tell you of how much the lord has bless me through your site. I'm a Sunday School Super, and I print out some of your poems and read them to the congregation to reflect the scripture/s that I'm reading. Let me tell you it is a blessing to me and my church. I pray that the Lord may bless you and your family. Thank you, Keep up the great work W. Ruiz 4-21-01

I just love your website I found it accidentally and I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing your gift with others. Thank you Diane

Congratulations. The Poetry Cafe has found your poetry to have either met or surpassed our expectations in originality, clarity, relevance, entertainment value and overall structure. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us. Sincerely Dawn

Dear sister, My church has just started a worship/pray/renewal meeting on a saturday. Our services on a sunday are formal and often lifeless. A group of us have tried to begin something different, but apart from prayer and music we didnt know what to include in this new event, as we were on unfamiliar ground. I visited your website looking for poetry because the local christian bookshop didn't stock any poetry ( other than Milton et al). So far we have had 2 saturday evenings and I have included your poetry in both. They have been such an encouragement to people, and something so different to that which people normally hear in a 'regular' church service. thank you St. John's church, flixton, manchester

Dear Gina: I ran across your website around 2:00 a.m. because I could not sleep. Your poems, the one's I have read, have encouraged me through tears of joy and I wanted to thank you. ...." I especially liked your poem DEMONS HATE IT WHEN YOU PRAY, because that is our greatest weapon, and God is our champion. ...J. Adkins

First let me tell you that I love you site, it is very good. I have a teaching ministry and was recently ordained in a Womens Ministry Group out of Dallas called Gods Handmaidens. I am beginning to look at and search for a name for my ministry. A lot of what I deal with is women from divorces, sexual abuse situations, physical abuse, etc. and when I saw the name of the poem Bruised Reed I thought about the name for my ministry. Would there be a problem with that if I wanted to pursue that after praying to know for sure that I have Gods approval? Thanks for your insight. In Christ, Lynda Campbell

Dear Georgina, Your poetry is beautiful! My son just left for a one year Christian rehab called His Mansion Ministries and I was looking for poetry that might encourage him and actually encourage me, too. I loved your one about climbing the mountain! I also love how you have the Bible references next to your lines. God Bless! Lisa

I also write poetry and have a website, but mine lacks the spiritual depth of yours. I enjoyed my visit. God bless you as you continue to share your gift. ................ Debra Jean Hall,

I have sent your site to a friend of mine in Indiana. She is a victim of child abuse and struggles daily with all the past hurts. The MONSTER has reared it's ugly head and she is barely hanging on. She runs to God but the attack is so heavy that she is very weak. She is in my prayers and the prayers of others. So of your poems I know will speak to her. To make matters worse, the "christian "ouncelor she sought out raped her ofter several sessions. He has lost his license. She feels like justice was not properly served and she got lost in the shuffle. She is tormented daily. I know you are stronge in the Lord. God has shown me that through your poetry inspired by God and thae things He has brought you through. I ask you to pray for her to. The devil is trying to destroy her because he knows God has plans for her. Thank you . God continue to flow through your work . Carol Garner


Hi, I'm the editor for the Georgian View, a non-profit parish newsletter of St. George's Anglican Church in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which distributes about 500 copies to parishoners and visitors to our parish. I was really impressed by your poetry and was wondering if you would give me permission to use "Heaven's Mould" in our Advent newsletter? I will, of course, put your name on it and would be happy also to direct people to your website as well. Looking forward to your reply, .Victoria

Dear Georgina, Thank you so much for sharing your poems on the internet. They are very encouraging, especially when times get tough. God Bless, Alison

Hello, I truly enjoyed your web site, your poetry is very very good, I write poetry and you have inspired me to write even more, I loved every poem I read, and I can't wait till I visit again to read some more,please visit my site. Love in Jesus Christ Geoff

Dear Georgina Lovely poetry and inspired...thank you so much for sharing...appreciated them and will a publsihed poet myself and have written about 350 of them ...also in times of great love, pain and suffering where the grapes are crushed to make better wine!! In the Master's Service Arlene Centerwall Vancouver B.C. Canada!

Hello Georgina, Was just out visiting on the net and came across you blessed site! Wonderful simply wonderful. In Christ, Bridget

It was with great surprise that I found this site and I do find you have truly received a gift from God, continue with it and be guided by the Holy Spirit. It sounds as if like many of us you have been through difficult times. How can we know joy if we have not known sorrow? It is sometimes difficult to understand things but that is where we must put our trust in God's will rather then our own. Sometimes we are given gifts to help us address our pain and become more mature Christians. Perhaps like myself you find the writing of poetry a very healing gift. May God continue to bless you. Cathy Deg

Congratulations. The Poetry Cafe has found your poetry to have either met or surpassed our expectations in originality, clarity, relevance, entertainment value and overall structure. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us. Sincerely Dawn

Hi!! My name is Dani!! I just visited your site and I am writing to request permission to add some of your poems to my site. I will include the link below. My site is called "There's Power in Prayer" It is a site glorifying the name of Jesus!! I have won 3 awards in the 2 months my site has been on the net, which I owe totally to God and the Holy Spirit for the wisdom and patience given to me to learn how to make the site, and to attract visitors. I hope you will visit my site, and if you feel compelled, give me permission to post some of your work (only with credit given to you on each poem printed of course) God Bless You!

Dear Gina, I visited your site again and your poems really are great!.You have been blessed by God with a great gift which inspires those who read your poetry.I pray that our Lord continues to bless you and use you in this way.I would like to ask you Gina if I could use some of your poems to put on posters for use in our church in Dungannon,Co.Tyrone N.Ireland.I would pray that our Lord would use them in such a way as to inspire people to reflect on their lives and give them over to him.Yours in Christ,Alan Lawson

What a wonderful site,God has bless you well.I pray that God will continue to bless you and your work. thankyou, your brother in Christ. mark

Although I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, I'd like to add a link from my website to yours because I believe in your ministry and that together we can help one another to become better Christian artists; we can make a difference in the lives of the people we minister to! .............Have a blessed day! Your friend, Dennis Walsh

Dear Gina: I just want to relay to you that your site is a blessing and quite unique. We live just outside Pittsburgh, Pa. USA... I love the Lord and write inspiraryoin poetry also. are there any avenues to share my writings in England? I would be happy to share some with you if you so desire... My writings too are an out-cropping of my struggles in life made bearable by our Marvelous Saviour.... He Is To Be Trusted... Joe LoBello

I really enjoy your poetry. It's very spiritual. Dan Humbert

I thank God that he sent you, because your poems are very touching... When I found this website, I was feeling very depressed and that no one understood me and that no one knew how it felt to be alone and feeling worthless. I thank God he sent you because I don't feel so alone or worthless. Your poems were very helpful in my time of distress. Thank you ellen :D

Hi, I found your lion & lamb pages and read a sampling of your poetry. Well done! It even rhymes (Yeah!). I will return and read more when I have time. Am bookmarking. Thanks for sharing your work, I especially appreciate the poems on spiritual warfare. May God bless In His Service Robert Grob

I love you, because you love my Lord, May God bless you God bless you, and keep you, Jesus loves you (Christodoulos Kyriacou)

Hello Gina, Thank you for your email. I have looked at your beautiful and inspiring site with admiration even though I am an Agnostic, down-to-earth practical engineer with no artistic talent. ". Best Wishes for the New Year and future success in your venture. Colin

i just wanted to say thank you, your words God has used them deeply and powerfully today. thankyou for giving to the Lord....Stephanie A. Heist

Demons Hate It. Just want you to know that this is a wonderful reminder of what we have in Christ Jesus - VICTORY!! Thanks! (Gala L Simpson)

Your poems are POWERFUL. Thank you sooooo much for sharing them on Internet. I cannot tell you how helpful they were tonight. Thank you sooooo much. Your poems are more than encouraging- they are deep and powerful. You must have quite a testimony to match such depth. Would love to hear your testimony if you ever want to share it.(Lambert Bonnie)

I just wanted to let you know this is so far one of the best poetry sites I have visited on the world wide web. The poetry that Geogina writes is right from the heart. I can relate to alot of it. I printed some poetry and hung it up on my wall near computer. Thank Very Much for this web site. Thank You Lord for Georgina Smith! God Bless You! CJesSmith 28/10/99

Dear Georgina, I absolutely loved your poem! It was so sweet and touching to me! I made myself a copy of it so that I could read it often. Carol 17/10/99

I enjoyed visiting your web page today! I found your site listed on the Awesome Christian Sites, and I voted for your site too! Ron 14/10/99

Your works are great as tools for encouragement and i have it in my favorite for that purpose...thanks is great...god bless and keep them coming..people need uplifted and encouraged and know someone cares...friend in christ...joan 14/10/99

Hi Gina, Your site is great! You have a lot of good content. I read quite a few of the poems...they're great. I'd love to give you my Warm & Cozy Web Site Award. Thank you for applying...I enjoyed my visit. :) Becky 12/10/99

I stumbled over your site and loved it. Tim Barret. 11/09/99

I just got done reading your poems and it was a blessing! I started to cry when I finished reading 'The Foot Of Calvary'. That was so beautiful. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and anoint you with His Holy Ghost Power. Newjinman

Hello my name is Andrew McEwen and I just wanted to write you and thank you for your writings. I haven't had a chance to read them all but the ones I did ,challenged me in a great way;for instance "THE VOICE" was a reassurance of spiritual warfare. and what it means to call on the lord for help."A LETTER TO THE CHURCH" helped think about how sincere I should be when I ask somebody how they are. Thank you once again. Keep up the good work. Love your brother in Christ, Andrew McEwen

This is a great site I love poetry especially CHRISTIAN because Christ is what I live for. Natalie

I found your site through a friend. Your site is awesome. I've sent several of your poems to friends and/or family. May God bless you richly in your endeavours with your new site. It is definitely a blessing Mary Joyce

Hello, Your poems are very good. They are also comforting, loving and show that you know wherof you speak. I haven`t read all of them, but I will be back. May God continue to bless your work. Clara in St. Louis

Hi, I just came across your poetry today, looking for good Christian poems to link on my sites. I love yours!! I have given you a link on two sites, and . Hope this is okay with you. If not, let me know. Thanks, Barbara Sanders

Hi! I visited your site after seeing your announcement on the What's New web site. I usually go through their list every so often looking for new content and your site caught my eye. Very nice looking site, I like the color choice, and very professional looking too! Thanks for announcing it! Sincerely, Doug Hill

Thank you for your Poems they bring peace to the soul. Anon

I love your poetry!This is quite a compliment coming from someone who usually can't stand the stuff! ; ) God bless LarryK

I was "web-surfing" under Free Christian poetry, and came across your website. I was searching for a poem to include in my Sunday School's bi-monthly newsletter. What a blessing your website is - I was touched by your poems and thank you for providing such inspirational words. God bless you in your work. In Him, Kathi

I have just added your site to my favorite places so I can continue to go in and be blessed. Thank you Georgina for your time and effort in ministry for the King of Kings. Love In Christ, Sharon

Hi there just a word to say i think your site is great. The Lord Bless you and keep you. Jack

I'm not sure about useful, but it does seem to have a lot of nice reminders in it about life. Sincerely Yours; Kent Pomerinke

 Thank you so much for your poem.  God told me to type into the search engine the word 'Beloved' and I found your website and your poem.  The Holy Spirit brought the word to my mind.  I shall keep the poem in my room.  Thank you so much.  It was so encouraging.  It is good to find someone interested in bringing other people encouragement.  I find that in the church people are sometimes interested in their own positions, roles and relationships in the church to bring comfort to others or encouragment.  People can be selfish and jealous.  This has been one cause for my trials and your poem encouraged me greatly because when you go through situations that are new, the certainty of God's presence is very important. I have lost a love and my dreams keep suggesting that he will come back to me and the fold, but up until now, Church has been a lonely and sometimes challenging place in terms of relationships and as a person who is the only Christian in the family.  Sometimes I would just like a human alongside me.  But your poem has worked wonders.  Anyway, did not mean to talk too much but perhaps this gives a picture of the situation you are helping me through.  Thanks again for the beautiful poem.  May God continue to bless you as you bless others and make you a source of inspiration...Amen.

dear Georgina Smith was just enjoying your poems and thought i would invite you over to my site. seems we have the same Designer of our poetry, hope you enjoy mine as much as i am enjoying yours...rsb


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