Dear Child

In your despair I AM there

Lifting and holding you

Surrounding you with my care

Carrying you when your legs give way

When the burden of grief is too much for the day

I AM your strength when you canít go on

I AM your voice  when the song is gone.

The day may be black but I AM the light

And I AM aware of your heartbreaking plight

All your tears I will wipe away

When the day ahead is too much to bear

Lean on me, shelter under my wing

The storm WILL pass you can endure

Be sure I AM with you

I AM  your LORD

Your father who loves you

You have my word

That moment by moment I am by your side

Faithful servant, in me abide

My love will heal your broken heart

My dear, dear child my love will sustain

Until you feel joy again.

That day will come as you draw close to me

Faithful servant, child of mine

Through your life I see Jesus shine.


Your Father

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Georgina Smith

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