Dear Father,
Draw me close into Your arms,
I would this pounding heart be calm.
Take the worry and the strain,
Let me be at peace again.
I look to You to get me through these trials
Lift me up and let me soar,
Your Holy Spirit on me pour.
Take this helplessness from me
And with your love set me free.
I look to You to get me through these trials.

Dear child,
I love you ,
I've heard your plea.
Give up your cares and lean on me.
Dear child I know that you are scared
The unknown frightens you.
But I can take away the fear
Trust in me everyday
Lay your fears at my feet
And all your needs I will meet.
Put on your armour - remember prayer
For every moment I am there.
My promises to you will hold
Face tomorrow and be bold.
The Comforter is by your side
And ever with you will abide.
Dear child your life is in my hands
For I have already made My plans.

Georgina Smith

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