Once we were black as coal in our sin, but some Christians are like diamonds in the Lord's hand.  

A diamond can only be formed thru immense pressure And the same is true with some Christians.

They go through so many trials and are under so much pressure, but still they shine for the Lord.


The Diamond


Do not fear what is drawing near

I know the plans I have made.                           

I will be there by your side

And each step of your life I will guide

I will keep you strong and bring you thru

And the darkest night will turn to day

Because I am the guiding light                          

I am your strength in this fight.

When I look at you I see my Son             

Because on the cross your soul He won                

And through it all your faith grows strong

My dear, dear child I love you so much

I want you to feel my tender touch

And then thru the trials you will understand

You are a diamond in my hand.      

Jer 29:11, John12:46

John 3v16,  1Pe1:6

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Georgina Smith

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