Easter or  Eostre


Itís Easter in the shops again

And all around I see

The shelves are full of chocolate eggs

Beckoning to me

But the eggs look kind of funny

The shape of them all wrong

For one looks like a little pig

And another a Minion


And other essentials for Easter

Are evident everywhere

A cracker to pull at dinner time

For the family to share

A tree to hang your eggs on

And donít forget the card

And a wreath to hang upon the door

And a rabbit for the yard


The Christian message of Easter

Has now been overturned

Just like it has for Christmas

A new one has been learned

And children growing up today

Have never heard of Calvary

Or how Jesus died a lonely death

Crucified to a tree

They donít know that He rose from the dead

That He broke the chains of death

And now in heaven He pleads for you

With all His strength and breath


The Christian message of Easter

Maybe lost in a buying frenzy

But as long as I am living

I will remember He died me


1Co 1:18


Georgina Smith

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