When a full moon shines brightly in a dark sky

it lights up the dark corners of the garden.

Yet the moon is only a reflection of our sun,

only a fraction of its' brilliance.

We live in a world darkened by sin

and the Lord needs His people to be bright moons

reflecting His Sons brilliance and glory

into the dark corners of peoples lives,

and just as the earth sometimes blots out the suns rays,

causing the moon to darken in an eclipse,

so it is sometimes with us

when we let worldly things interfere with our witness for Him.

We must be a full moon for the Lord -

not a crescent moon only reflecting part of the light.

And as the moon needs to be in the right position to reflect the suns glory -

so must we be in the right position with God to reflect the full glory of Jesus.

If we merely listen to the Word every Sunday,

but do nothing about it Monday-Saturday,

then we are a moon in eclipse -

useless in lighting up dark corners.

If, however, we look to the lord everyday

and seek opportunities to tell others about Him -

then like the full moon our light will shine out for Him.

James Ch.1v22.

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Georgina Smith

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