Our Father looked down upon His creation,
And He was sad at what He saw
All of the sin and degradation,
Kept us apart from Him and His love.

Someone must pay for all of this sinning
So they will know how much I care
Who can I send to bear this burden
Who can I ask to face despair.

A heavy load.
And it will take some real strength.

So Jesus His Son came down from glory
Took all the burdens from you and me.
He that was sinless,
He that was perfect.
Suffered and died on Calvary.

A heavy load.
And it took some real strength.

They took Him down and in a tomb laid Him.
Sealed up the entrance for all to see.
But when they returned they found He had risen,
He conquered death in victory.

A heavy load.
But Jesus had all the strength.

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Georgina Smith

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