He walked a dark road that was full of pain
And the people who once hailed Him as king
Pushed Him along towards the hill
Where He would die
He'd cried in Gethsemane.
Please take this cup away
He knew He would have to be strong
And there was no one to help Him along
He would carry it all

Where were His companions who had been by His side?
They could not bear it.
They had run away to hide
They were afraid
Was this the end,
Was it just a charade
Why did He let them take Him?
Why did He have to die?
Why did He carry it all?

They lifted Him up a man of thirty-three
Nailed to a tree
The women wept at His feet
While others bartered in the street
The crown they gave Him pierced His brow
It was not golden this crown of thorns
And as the blood mingled with His tears
He carried it all

He could have come down from the cross
He could have stopped the pain
He could have shown them all his power
But He chose to carry it all for me
He chose to bear my sin on the tree
He chose to die in agony
He carried it all

And His love, not the nails kept Him hanging
As He cried out to His Father
It was His love that cried forgive them all
And it was love in His eyes
As the skies above darkened
He carried it all

Oh victory, the enemy is vanquished
Oh victory, death is crushed this day
Oh victory, Jesus lives triumphant
He carried it all
He carried it all

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Georgina Smith

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