His love will carry

Do you feel that no one loves you
Do you feel that no one cares
Do you struggle with every hour of life
And get tangled in its' snares
Are you desperate and lonely
Nowhere to go or turn
And you cry in desperation
'What's the use of going on'

Are you on your knees with burdens
Then turn to God in prayer
And the weight of all the cares of life
Will be lifted then and there
And if you're weak and weary
Feeling like an empty shell
Then He will take you in His arms
And carry you as well

Be reconciled to the Father
Through Jesus Christ His son
Look to the cross of Calvary
Where the victory was won
He broke the chains of bondage
He bore the hurt and shame
He died and rose for everyone
Yet for one He'd do the same

There's no need to trip and stumble
Or struggle any more
For Jesus waits with open arms
Outside of your hearts door
Accept the love of Jesus
Fling your door open wide
And without any hesitation
The Lord will step inside

Jesus died for you

Georgina Smith
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