God, how could it happen, why would they not fight.
All that death and destruction could never be right.
The women, the children, the old, sick and lame,
The men stripped and beaten, who will we blame.

The ghettos are full and there's no place to hide.
There's no grief left for the tears are all cried.
The train it is full and the people all wave,
Treblinka is waiting, you have to be brave.

The chimneys are smoking, a pyre for the dead,
The blood of the Jews is flowing bright red.
Hitler is happy, his problem is solved.
The west is inactive, they won't get involved.

God, why did it happen, without anything said,
Till we find the total is six million dead.
The shock wave it started is rippling still,
But the great Homo Sapiens still out to kill.

God, when will it happen, when will there be peace.
We must stop this hatred, this killing must cease.
Don't let us forget the millions who died,
The families forgotten, the children who cried.

Don't ever forget, for we owe them much more.
Don't hide behind tears, don't lock up your doors.
These atrocities happened, you can't shut your eyes.
You can't go on living on a diet of lies.

Forget about the past, bury it deep,
But that won't erase your nighmare sleep.
We call them Christ killers, but that isn't true,
He CHOSE to die for me and you.

Christ died for Israel, as well as for you.
He died for England and Germany too.
He died for the Hitlers and Dorfs of the world,
But like so many others they just haven't heard.

Of course Jesus cares, He died with each Jew.
He cried many tears, but what about you,
Do you care about people of different creeds,
Do you tell them He loves them and meets all their needs.

Are you just a bystander, unable to act,
Refusing to hear and believe all the facts.
Take a lesson from history and open your eyes,
Let love and truth rule in place of the lies.

Isaiah 49v8-13

Jesus died for you

Georgina Smith

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