Holy Week





On a donkey, the King of Kings,

Hosanna the people cried.

The crowds sang praise

With palm leaves raised,

As Jesus rode to Jerusalem,

They did not know He would

Die for them.

Today He is the hero,

Today they praise and sing.

Today they give Him worship

As the coming King.



On His knees the King of Kings

Under the cross of pain.

The crowds they shouted


They want this man

To suffer and die.

They did not know He would

Rise for them.

Today they kill the prophet,

Today they spit on Him,

Today they despise the Son of God

Today He dies for them



Risen now the King of Kings,

Outside the empty tomb.

The crowds are silent

The King was slain

They did not know

He would forgive them.

Today He is the victor,

Today the enemy squirms.

Today the Son of God stands tall

The price is paid,

Do you hear Him call.

He died for you,

He bore your sin

So you could walk with

God again.

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Georgina Smith

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