There are times when it hurts

When I cannot understand

The trials that I am going thru                                    1Pe 1:6

How can you stay your hand?

How can this hurt be good for me?

You say it is your plan                                                Jer 29:11

That thru it Iíll be strengthened

And at the end Iíll stand

But at this time Iím struggling

Iím on my knees in pain

And my voice I lift to you Lord

Again and again and again


Lord you know I love you

Though this bruised reed is bent low                         Isa 42v3 

And sometimes just a pilot light

Is all that I can show

This road that I am walking

Is very hard to bear    

And I need to feel your presence Lord                       Ps 139:7

I need to know youíre there


I am sorry if I question

The plans you have for me

Itís only because the glass is dark                              1Co 13:12

And makes it hard to see


My beloved

When the pain becomes too much my child

And your suffering I can see 

I will take you gently in my arms                                 2Co 1:3

And hold you close to me

Gently I will rock you

And dry away your tears

And I will take the load from you                                 Isa 40:31

All the worry and the fears

I am your loving Father

I will never leave your side

And thru the dark and painful days

I will be your guide

I am your rock and salvation                                      Ps 18:2  Ps 95:1

Keep your faith in me

And as we walk together

My wings of love will cover thee.


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Georgina Smith

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