I knocked.
But you locked your doors
On my hunger and sickness
And said "Back door please."
I searched.
But you hid all the good things in life
And kicked me in the poverty gutter.
I asked.
But you looked me in the face and said,
"God helps those."

I knocked.
But you never opened the door,
You just said you'd pray for me.
I searched.
But all the good things in life
Were not attainable to me.
I asked.
But you turned away,
Disgusted by the sight of me.

I knocked.
but not for long.
I was sick of knocking.
I searched.
But I did not look far.
I was tired of searching.
I asked.
But you were deaf to my cries,
So I gave up asking.
I died.
Because you were blind to my life,
I gave up living.


The Father loves you

Georgina Smith

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