In a stall, no mighty palace,
You were born according to plan.
Satan watched with apprehension,
Knowing that You were 'The Lamb'

John 1v14.

On the Earth, not in heavenly kingdoms,
You chose to live and walk with man.
Satan waited for the moment,
To destroy 'The Holy Lamb'


In a body bound in frailty,
You took the very form of man.
Demons watched while Satan tempted,
Yet failed to break 'The Humble Lamb'


In a garden, dark and lonely,
Like drops of blood Your sweat ran down.
Satan laughed as his plot thickened,
Against 'The Sacrificial Lamb'


On a cross, pain and suffering,
You bore our sins as Satan sang.
Demons cheered Your death on calvary,
Not knowing the power of 'The Passover Lamb'.


An empty tomb, a cry victorious,
Satans head was crushed that day.
Demons trembling at Your power.
'The Lamb of God' they must obey.


Jesus is the lamb

Georgina Smith

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