I sat alone at the back of the church,
Desperately trying to control my hurt.
Praying that someone would care,
Would sit next to me so I could share.
Then YOU came - my sister and brother.
I sat at one end - you moved to the other.

I saw YOU come, I hoped you'd see.
But you walked straight by
Not a word to me.
Then YOU approached me with a smile,
"Hello, how are you" I heard you say,
But you walked straight by
Before my reply.
Then YOU came and tarried awhile,
But you looked uncomfortable talking with me,
You could not handle my misery.
I started to tell YOU - a cry for help.
You listened for awhile,
But time was short "I'll pray" you said,
And talked to someone else instead.

I stood alone while YOU drank your tea.
Feeling as miserable as could be.
Everyone busy, milling about,
"I'm hurting inside" I wanted to shout,
But I put on a grin - a smile in the making,
Even though my heart was aching.
Then YOU came - you really did care
YOU gave me a hug and a kiss.
YOU said that I was in your prayers.
YOU said I was greatly missed.
I need your love, I need YOU to phone,
I need YOU to pray with me in my home.
Today it is me, and how many others.
It could have been YOU, my sisters and brothers.


1 CORINTHIANS 12v22-27


Georgina Smith

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