When you feel lonely, down and depressed,
When you feel edgy and cannot rest.
When you feel angry, when you should be calm,
When you feel ill and you just can't go on.
When everything's hard, when nothing goes right,
When you're weak and weary from the fight.
The lion is there with his whispers and lies,
Prowling around with a hunters eyes,
Attacking, devouring where he may,
Causing distress and dismay.

When you feel lonely down and depressed,
The LAMB is there to give you rest.
When you feel angry, when you feel ill,
The LAMB will comfort and your anger still.
When everything's hard and nothing goes right,
And you're weak and weary from the fight,
The LAMB is there with His mighty arm,
Whispering love and bringing calm.

He thwarts all the lions aims
And brings to nought the lion's gains.
The lion prowls about the land
But against the LAMB he cannot stand.


1 Peter 5v8.
Revelation 12v10-12.

Jesus is the lamb

  Georgina Smith

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