Reflected Beauty

My Lord all the beauty I see around me,

Is only reflecting the beauty of thee.

The snow covered mountains

The flight of a bird.

The rainbow of colours

and the songbirds I've heard.


All creation proclaims, your glory and power.

The sun and the moon,

The wind and the shower.

You have opened my eyes Lord

And You've helped me to see,

And I bow to the splendour

I see around me.


I remember the cross,

I remember your pain.

I remember your death

So new life we would gain.

And all of creation

Proclaims you as king

And my voice joins with nature

And together we sing.


My Lord all the beauty

I see around me

Is only a fraction of what I will see

For when face to face Lord

We'll finally be.

I'll behold the full splendour

And glory of thee.




Georgina Smith

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