My faith is in You
I trust Your plans for me
And whatever comes my way
I know that You are in control

My faith is in You
And when doubt and fear overwhelm me
I turn my face away
And look upon the cross of Calvary
Because you bought my life that day

My faith is in You
Sometimes I feel so lonely
I feel things are out of control
But then You gently remind me
You are there
And that You care

When things get tough
And my friends are not enough
To help me through
I turn to You
For in Your hands I am safe

My faith is in You
Your spirit comforts me
Lifts me up
And I will run and never grow weary
I'm surrounded by Your loving care
I know that You can
I trust that You will
My faith is in You

for the bruised reed


Georgina Smith

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