It was a day when people rejoiced
To see the end of one man
And on that day the people cried with voice
Crucify Him

It was a day when men mocked Him as king
And thorns were used for a crown
And on His back the whip lashed down
With pain
Again and again

On that day He dragged a cross thru the streets
While people jeered and spit
On that day they drove the nails thru His feet
And He was lifted high
To die

On that day darkness blocked out the sun
Jesus cried from the cross
As they cast lots for His robe
On that day such agony to bear
Such loneliness and despair
But He cried

On that day
The enemy rejoiced
He felt He'd won
He'd killed the son
He did not know
It was the Father's plan
The sacrifice made that day
Bought the way
Back to God
On that that day

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Georgina Smith

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