I want to feel the fire, Lord,
Of faith burning for you,
But it seems that just a pilot light
Glimmers cold and blue.


I want to hear you speaking
To talk to you each day.
But reception's poor and distant
A wall stands in the way.


I want to sing your praises,
With hands and heart held high,
But all the words are stifled
And I just want to cry.

1 THES.5v19.

I want to feel your presence
As you walk with me each day,
But my heart's door's locked and bolted
I've thrown the key away.


I want to take communion
To share the bread and wine,
But I know I am not worthy
And so I must decline.



Wash me in your love Lord,
Mend this broken reed.
My being cries, oh Abba,
This is my hour of need.

PSALM 116.

smouldering wick
Georgina Smith

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