Are you anxious, worried, depressed.
You go to sleep, but get no rest.
The pressures whirl inside your mind,
And try as you can you only find
That the thoughts you yearn for
Just won't stay.
And the thoughts you hate
Won't go away.

Psalm 34v17-20

You go to work and the cloud descends.
And try as you might you see no end.
You have no joy in the work you do.
And you constantly pray to get you through.
The torments of night,
And the pressures of day,
Seem to surround you
And wont go away.

John 16v33

To keep those darkened thoughts at bay.
Rebuke dark forces in Jesus name,
For this is a WAR - not a game.
Don't be afraid in your weakest hour,
Your Father has promised you
Mighty power.

2 Corinthians 12v6-10

So, unsheath 'THE SWORD',
Lift up 'THE SHIELD',
Hitch up 'THE BELT',
Never to yield.

2 Corinthians 10v4

Claim ALL the promises made to you,
And the arm of the Lord
Will see you through.
Stand and fight,
Don't run and hide,
And the heavenly host
Will fight at your side.
See the deliverance
The Lord brings today,
And the peace that you long for
Won't go away.
The joy of the Father
Will bubble and flow
When the power of prayer
In YOUR life you know.

2 Timothy 4v18

God answers prayer

Georgina Smith

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