The Garden Visitor


I saw it running across the lawn

I thought it was a mouse

I didnít mind it being there

It wasnít in the house

I went outside to watch it

As it darted here and there

And I found it in the border

I couldnít help but stare

It was so very tiny

And as cute as it could be

And I loved the way its long nose twitched

As it scurried past me

I thought it looked a little strange

Its nose was thin and long

And as it munched upon a worm

I knew I must be wrong

I got out my book and looked it up

Suddenly I knew

It wasnít a little mouse at all

It was a pygmy shrew

To say I was excited

An understatement that would be

The day a little pygmy shrew

Came to visit me.



Georgina Smith

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