Stand firm and face him,

Job 11v13-20.

Look him in the eye,


He hates it when you face him


And confront him with his lies.

John 8v44b

He's happier when you run away,


For he creeps up from behind,


And stabbing wildly in the back


He takes you by surprise.


When you stand and face him


You can see each blow he makes,


You can use your sword, the word of God,

Hebrews 4v12.

To attack him until he breaks.


You can see which way he's turning,


And with your faithful shield

Hebrews ch.11.

You can counter every blow he makes

2 Corinthians 10v4.

Upon the battlefield.




The battles we are fighting

Ephesians 6v12.

Are real in every way,


Both physical and mental


He torments us while he may.


Yet, your heart need never fear him

Psalm 91.

For you do not stand alone,

2 Timothy 4v18

Your Father promised He would fight,

Exodus 14v14

Be still - the battles won.


For we know we have a champion,

Revelation 6v2.

Jesus - Gods own son.

Revelation 17v14

Satan is defeated before he has begun.

2 Thessalonians 2v8

For at the name of Jesus


Satan trembles as he flees,


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,


We praise you in victory.

John 16v33



1 Peter ch.5v8


Jesus saves


Georgina Smith

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