I was alone in pain and in fear,
Crying to God "Oh why don't you hear."
Tell someone to phone,
Tell someone to call.
Just five or ten minutes, that is all.
But nobody came, and nobody phoned,
And I sat in fear and pain all alone.

Loneliness ate into my mind
And Satan attacked with all he could find.
My prayers were weak,
My joy was gone,
I struggled each moment to carry on.
Tell someone to phone,
Tell someone to call.
But the phone stayed silent in the hall.

To really love means more than prayer,
It's telling others that you care.
It's sacrificing some of your time,
By giving just a little sign.
Doing the shopping,
Making a meal,
Just being there makes your love real.
Praying with them when their prayers are weak,
Encouraging when things look bleak.
So if God tells you to pick up the phone,
Don't shrug it off and don't postpone.
You're busy working, you work until
You fail to see and do His will.
Listen and God will guide you're hand,
And together all things we will withstand.

1 Cor.12v25.

Christian poetry

Georgina Smith

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