Do you see the child, sad and alone.
Without love or parents, without a home.
Who will provide the small bowls of rice,
The bare amounts, just enough to suffice.
Do you really care if he lives or he dies.
The shadow of the cross is in his eyes.

Do you see the woman, rejected, alone.
Battered, unloved, afraid to go home.
Will you shelter her, for a week, for a day,
Or do you turn your back and send her away.
Do you mind your own business, do not get involved.
The shadow of the cross is on the unloved.

Do you hear the cries of the millions in pain.
Dying of thirst while we curse the rain.
Do you hear them begging for the crumbs of our lives,
We'll feed them on waste, we'll feed them on lies.
Do you remember the starving,do you see the down trodden.
The shadow of the cross is on the forgotten.

James 2v14-17

the cross of Jesus

Georgina Smith


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