I am a silver surfer


I am a silver surfer and I am very glad

I’m not a younger person in a world gone mad

The young say we are selfish and have polluted the sea

And they can’t afford to live their lives and point the finger at me

They blame us all for brexit and hurl abuse our way

Saying we are racist and against them if they’re gay

I must admit I find it hard to get my head around

This fluid gender argument and wonder where we’re bound

And when I said I was Christian, white and English proud

The abuse I got on facebook was really very loud

You ask me to accept the way you live today

But when I mention what I believe, you won’t let me have my say

Tolerance should work both ways, towards gender race or creed

And acceptance of others is what this world needs

So next time you make a comment

I ask you to recall

Before you write those negative words

That free speech is for all


Georgina Smith

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