Sunday Christian


I gave you a beautiful sunrise

I peppered the heavens with clouds

The song of the morning chorus

I wrote for the bird as it flies

I wrote a song for the morning

To give you some joy in your lives


I watered and nourished your garden

Gave heat and light from the sun

I planned your day out before you

Even before it began


I waited when you woke from sleeping

I waited when breakfast was gone

I waited as you rushed to employment

I waited till the day was done

Not once did you turn round and thank me

Not once did you listen to me

As you rushed through each day with a passion

Not once did your thoughts turn to me


My word lies unopened before you

As you busy yourself each day

And each day as I waited with longing

Not once did you stop, thank or pray



You woke and you asked me to help you

You rushed to the church with a prayer

And after you talked with your brothers

You worshiped and praised then and there

Your hands held up high as you loved me

Your voice I could hear as you sang

My Jesus My Jesus I love you

A  child of God I am


Donít make me your God just on Sunday

A week is seven days long

I long to be with you each moment

Not just in a Sunday song.


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Georgina Smith

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