The cross gives me strength




The tears from the cross flow like rivers


Easing my suffering and pain


Washing away the anger


Bringing me peace again


I know that my Father weeps with me


He sees my heart broke in two


He clears the cloud of depression


Letting the joy break through


He gives me a place of seclusion


Where I can find peace of mind anytime


He blocks all the blows from Satan


Surrounding me with love sublime


My life is in turmoil and crisis


And Satan would have me give in


But the Lord has a purpose and plan for me


And will not let me suffer from sin


I feel His love and peace fill me


And that love in abundance oíer flows


And I pour out my love and forgiveness


Deflecting the enemies blows


For Iím filled with a love and compassion


Where no seed of bitterness grows


And I know that Satanís defeated


I know the victories won


He tried to break me in pieces


But the cross gives me strength to go on.


1Pe 5:8

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Georgina Smith

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