The Lord answers prayers


When you go thru the hardest trials of your life

And you struggle from day to day

When darkness invades every glimpse of light

And you find it hard to pray

When the joy is stifled by negative thoughts

And the tears flow hot and free

And your voice is stilled and your praise is silent

As you cry out to God on your knees

When you go thru the valley and can’t see the way

Each moment so hard to bear

When you get up each morning with dread in your heart

Crying ‘Does anyone care?’


Just stop for a moment and still your heart

Quiet your mind and be still

And in the quietness hear the Father whisper

‘Your emptiness I will fill.

I will be your strength, your stay

Just walk in step with me

Do not fear the day

I will lead you and guide your way’


We can embrace fear and wallow in despair

Or accept in faith that the Lord answers prayers

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Georgina Smith

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