The lie behind the smile


Depression is battling at my door

And I'm fighting to keep it at bay

But tears sting my eyes

As I try not cry

As I struggle to get thru the day


Weariness envelopes me

Draining my strength again

So I lie down to rest

Not feeling my best

Not letting you see the pain


I put on a smile when I go out

A lie for you all to see

You say I look well

If you could only tell

What's really going on with me


One day at a time is the way I live

Praying for restful sleep

Will I get out of bed

With a clear head

Or will I put on a smile and weep


A smile can hide a million tears

A smile can hide all my fears

A smile will help you talk to me

Because the smile is all you will see


But sometimes no matter how I try

My smile for the world is just a lie







Georgina Smith

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