You had your family, or sat with a friend.
I sat alone, in the pew, on the end.
I thought of my husband, who I'd left at home,
And as I sat thinking I felt so alone.
Yes, friends, you love me, the church it is full,
But even in crowds you can feel so alone.
I weep for my loved one who should be by my side.
Yet he is at home and there will abide.
So my brothers and sisters, please understand
There are times when I need an uplifting hand.
There are times when I need your love and your care.
There are times when I need to know you are there.
There are times when my spirit is weighed down by grief.
And that's when I need you to bring some relief.
So if I look tearful or if I look down
Dear brothers and sisters, let your love abound.


(With thanks to those who did.)

bruised reed


Georgina Smith


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