Victim or Victory


Are you a victim?

When trials oppress you

When stress overwhelms

When your health lays you low day by day.

When life’s not fair and you battle the fear

That consumes your faith when you pray.

Do you wallow in pity?

A victim laid low

A fist raised in anger and rage

Do you cry out ‘why me’?

Blame God and not see

The lesson God wrote on life’s page

Don’t be a victim

Don’t turn away

From the strength to be gained in the trial

Put your trust in the Lord and He will guide

To go the extra mile

As children of God we must learn to grow

Like students in the school of life

And in heartbreak or joy

We must learn to deploy

The strategies taught thru the strife

Our father knows best

He will not let the test

Break the reed or put out the flame

He will use every tear

Every hurt, every fear

To strengthen our faith when oppressed.

So learn from your heartache

Learn from the pain

Study the battle and strife

Turn victim to victory

And soon you will see

The grace of the Lord in your life.


Isa 42:3    1Pe 1:6

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Georgina Smith

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