There's a voice inside that's saying I am useless to you Lord.
I cannot sing or write or even teach Your word.
I look to all my brothers and my sisters and I see,
All the talents and the gifts You gave to them, but not to me.

1 Cor.12.

There's a voice inside that's saying I'm not good enough for You.
It reminds me of the wrongs I've done, I can't deny they're true.
And these feelings of unworthiness are with me when I pray,
And I find it hard to seek Your face and talk to You each day.

2 Cor.5v17-21.

There's a voice inside that's saying I'm condemned for all I've done.
I'll never be a Christian worthy of Your Son.
A dark cloud of depression surrounds and eats at me,
Blocking out Your light so I can't see.

Rom 8v1.

There's a voice inside that's saying "What's the point of going on.
You're trying very hard, but it always turns out wrong.
No one understands or appreciates what you do,
And even so called 'Christians' are opposing you."

James 1v3/4.

There's a voice, I hear it clearly, saying "Listen child to ME.
My Son took all your sins and died on Calvary.
There is now no condemnation because you are MY child.
You wear a righteousness that cannot be defiled."


"All these whisperings are from Satan, who would rob you of your peace,
But you don't have to listen, for in my grace you'll find release.
Satan's lies, deceits and tauntings are the fiery darts he fires,
But when you use your shield of faith, the flames can be expired.
My Son defeated Satan, his authority is nought,
For Jesus crushed his head when your lives for Me He bought."


"Satan may condemn you, my child I never will,
For even when convicting, my child I love you still.
He will rob you of your confidence, your joy and peace in me,
But only if you let him, don't you see.
My child the power and authority of my Son is in your hand.
Just remember all my promises, and most of all, to stand,
And I promise you the victory, because of Calvary,
But you must close your ears to Satan
And listen only unto me."

Deuteronomy 30v20a.

Christian fight back

Georgina Smith

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