The Wilderness.


In the wilderness I found

There was no one else around.

I was alone, lost in pain

Crying to the Lord again.

My joy was drowned in tears

And each moment filled with fears.

No one seemed to care.

None of my friends were there.


As I struggled day by day

I found I could not pray.

As depression gripped my mind,

Each moment I would find

That I could not raise my voice

And I was alone by choice.

I was drowning in the sea

While the church prayed for me.


A bruised reed bent low

Feeling weary and alone.


In the wilderness of depression

I struggle to carry on

My life just seems so pointless

Bereft of joy and song.

If only I could end it

To leave this misery behind

Whatís the point of living

When no comfort I can find.


Just a little gesture

A word, a visit, a hug.

Someone to love me thru this

Someone to show they care

Someone to wipe the tears away

Someone to be just there.

Someone to be my rock

To help me last the storm

Someone to save my in the night

When I canít go on.

Someone to understand this

To help me through the day

Father send me someone,

Is all that I can pray.


James 2 v 20


Georgina Smith

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